Tips for Choosing the Best Male Cologne

Choosing the best male cologne can be one of the most difficult task for a man.  In a matter of fact, if you do a search for cologne on Amazon, you’ll see over 44,000 different colognes!  Holy smokes that’s a lot!  When choosing a cologne, there are many factors that should go into your decision making process.  These tips should make the process a little easier for you.

Tip:1 Figure out whom you’re trying to impress

I hear about this particular situation all the time.  A boy walks by a girl and the girl immediately notices a familiar scent.  After a several moments of confusion, the girl finally figures it out.  The scent happens to be her fathers!  After spending hours checking out how people feel about cologne over twitter, I’ve come to realize that this is a common theme.  People associate their sense of smell with certain memories.  Think about special places you’ve traveled and the aroma associated with them. Have you ever caught a whiff of that place while walking to work and have it spark some memories?  I know I have!  Every time I catch a scent of someone that has just came from the outdoors and smells “woodsy”, I immediately get sent back to the days spent cutting wood for the cold winter months for our home.  When applying this to picking out a specific cologne, choose something that fits the person or people you’re going to be around.  If you’re trying to impress your high-school girlfriend, choose something that is associated with youth such as Abercrombie & Fitch or Ed Hardy.  If you’re trying to impress your wife or long time girlfriend, select a cologne with a name such as Tom Ford or Paco Rabanne these colognes project confidence.  If you’re looking for something work safe, school, or family friendly, check out our blog for other articles dedicated to these types of situations.

Tip:2 Situational Awareness

Another complaint I see time and time again, is that men are wearing WAY too much cologne.  People are able to smell them before they even enter the room.  Also, when someone walks by, they end leaving their cologne scent plastered on everyone and everything they just passed.  There is a time and place for putting an extra spray on and during school, work or casual play, this is definitely not the time.  When choosing a cologne you should have three different colognes in your arsenal.  Your first is for your everyday life, like going to school or work.  This scent should have a fresh or neutral scent to it like an Acqua Di Gio.  The second choice for the best male cologne should be something you wear during evening times when you’re in a public setting or outdoors.  This cologne can be something a little more strong like an Eau De Parfum, which lasts a little longer and has a more unique scent to it.  Your third cologne should be something top shelf and only for special occasions.  This cologne should be saved for date nights or for those times you’re on the prowl, looking to make that lasting impression.  Never double up cologne, however if you start with one during the day, don’t switch it up unless you’ve showered and removed that scent from your body.  I notice this frequently if I spray myself with cologne in the morning and in the evening after work I’ll head to work out.  While working out and my body starts to heat up, I’ll notice the scent break out again after I feel like it’s initial strength should have been exhausted.  The point I’m trying to make, is that if you do not cleanse yourself of the original scent like showering, your body will still smell like both.

Tip:3 Price

Price is an important factor for almost everyone purchasing or deciding what the best male cologne should be for them.  Many people think there is no difference between expensive and cheap cologne, however they are wrong.  Typically more expensive cologne have ingredients in them that are extremely rare which drive of the cost.  They also have a higher concentration of fragrance in them to help them last longer.  I would say everyone should have at least one high-end cologne in their arsenal for special occasions.  If you want a HUGE list of the most expensive colognes, this site probably has the largest I’ve seen on the web.  Check it out here.

Tip:4 What do women think?

Experienced cologne wearers and mature men may not think much of this one.  Many cologne users wear cologne for themselves to boost confidence or take them on a journey since some cologne’s scent changes over time.  However for young men, this is probably one of the most important tips out there.  If women find the cologne you’re wearing sexy, many men don’t care what it smells like because they have already succeeded in attracting a lady.  It is difficult to find out what women think of cologne so at Best Mens Cologne , we’ve published a list of what women think of most popular colognes.  We’ve asked women one question which was, “Would you want your husband/boyfriend/significant other to wear this cologne?”  We’ve recorded the results and put them in a table here.  Now you’ll be able to find a cologne that meets your price demands and find a cologne that women also enjoy.

Tip:5 Popularity

How popular a cologne is should also factor into your decision.  For day-to-day wear, it shouldn’t matter what cologne you wear and in fact it should be something popular.  The reason for this is because you want to find something that will help you fit in with the crowd, but also help you smell nice.  However, when looking for that signature scent that will help you stick out compared to the other men around you, you’re going to want to try something a little mysterious and in fact, you should keep it a secret.  Find a cologne that is not very popular and smells great and when people compliment you and ask, “What cologne is that?” reply with, “it’s a secret” and you’ll notice their interest will peak even higher.  This is a great technique for talking to ladies as well.