Wondering where to get more information on Men’s Cologne?  Check out these sites that have a WEALTH of information on them.  I’ve cited these guys within my site and are definitely worth a read if you get the chance!

Places to Buy the Best Men’s Cologne

Amazon – My top suggestion because it hast the largest selection and is the easiest to browse to make a purchase.  Amazon usually has the best prices on the internet.  I also like that you can find similar cologne by looking at the suggestions that Amazon gives you for similar products.  You can browse reviews, ratings, and general product knowledge for over 40,000 men’s cologne.

FragranceX – Although I’ve never purchased from yet, I like how they claim they are 100% authentic and have free returns.  Cologne is something that if you purchase at the wrong place, you might get something fake so knowing it’s authentic is a big deal which is what FragranceX promotes.

Best Blogs on Men’s Cologne

Basenotes – When a new cologne comes out or if I want to read some reviews or conduct research on a special cologne, this is where I go first. Basenotes has a huge community of followers and many of them are fragrance geniuses. An outstanding place to find some information.

Fragrantica – The BEST site for trying to figure out what season a cologne is good for, figuring out what the heck each note you’re smelling is, and receiving tons of feedback from perfume experts on different types of fragrance. Certainly one of the best sites you can find on the internet regarding cologne.