Polo Red by Ralph Lauren Review

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Alright, Alright, Alright, it’s time for another cologne review for Best Men’s Cologne  and today we are going to be focused on a fragrance that is not too popular yet, but should be. Ralph Lauren does some fine work with Polo Red. Ok, lets answer your questions about it and if you have any others, leave a comment below and I’d love to answer it!

What does it smell like?

Polo Red opens with citrus notes and has a sporty feel to it. It’s a lighter scent so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be stinking up the whole office building with this fragrance. Secondly, it transforms into a masculine scent that will give you a manly feel. A light, clean, sweet scent that finishes strong.

Formsly.com Rating – 64

This cologne has a HQ rating of 64. The top cologne on our list is 102 and the bottom is 0 so 64 is about average. The Best Men’s Cologne rating takes thousands of reviews into account and places them into one number for you to see how well it ranks compared to others.

What do women think of it?

Formsly sampled 25 women on what they thought of this cologne and 24 of them want their man to wear it! Women absolutely love this scent and it is frequently one of the most talked about colognes on Twitter meaning there is LOTS of buzz surrounding it. If you’re looking to impress the ladies, this is a cologne for you!

When, where, why, and who should wear it?

When & Where – Since this is a lighter cologne, the only time of year to cut back on it would be the summer time. In the hot sun, this cologne would evaporate rather quickly leaving you without any scent. Wear it mostly at night, but it certainly can be worn during the day as well because it’s lighter scent and is safe for work and school.

Who – This cologne has a youthful, sporty feel to it. I would recommend it for any man under the age of 30.

Why – Wear this cologne when you’re looking for an edge to impress that special girl especially. Polo Red also works great as a signature cologne for men because it does have a masculine vibe as well.

Ok, now tell me the bad stuff…

The biggest complaint I hear is that people say it has a short life. My suggestion is to spray this cologne on your clothes and not your body. Also, if you’re heading out to the beach, it is a BAD cologne to use because it evaporates quickly in the sun.

Pros (from actual people)

“Great scent my wife blown away with a smell of Polo Red.”

“This is something you dont have to apply every two minutes.Scent really stays all day long.”

“Just right amount of woody smell to stay fresh all day.”

“Weather youre trying to be sexy or classy this will give you all of that in one bottle”

“I cant imagine me going out without using Polo Red ”

“Have been using this for many years and im sure i will continue to buy it for year to come”

“What a wonderful scent ”

Cons (from actual people)

“Is it just me or this cologne doesn’t last too long. ”

“This is something that young men should be using.I don’t think its suitable for someone my age”

“Short life”

And how about one video review…

Purchase Polo Red by Ralph Lauren (2013) by clicking here!

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