How to Stop Beard Itch

How to Stop Beard Itch

Every time I ask my friends why they have done the unthinkable by parting with their glorious beards, the answer is always the same – the nagging itch. It is the number one reason which has stopped many men from enjoying one of the most satisfying perks ever; growing a full-bodied beard. For those who were unaware, an itchy beard is a temporary stage that we must pass on the way to giving the chin one of its greatest pleasures.

However don’t do the horrible by cutting your manly mane. You can keep that bothersome itch at bay. With just a little patience, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits a well-grown beard affords you. Think about the instant respect you will get when entering a room or office, the adoration from women and fascination from your little kids, just to name a few. Here’s how to stop beard itch during those first few weeks.


Your face sheds off thousands of dead skin cells everyday which, together with grime, oil and stray hair strands, form the debris that gets trapped by your beard every day. A regular wash is therefore necessary, but not with normal shampoos which are meant for the head, and not beard hair. Such shampoos and regular soaps strip the beard strands off their moisture. Instead, use a gentle, hydrating beard wash every one or two days.


Now that your beard is clean, soften it up with a specialized conditioner which will supply the much needed moisture and nutrients. Just like the head, your beard needs to be conditioned if you want the strands to become soft and fluffy. Again, stay away from the regular hair conditioners. Get a quality beard conditioner which will protect the strands from damage and crispiness.


The conditioner may not be sufficient to keep your beard hydrated all day long. To your daily routine, add a little amount of beard oil. The oil can follow the conditioner or used alone. There are many different brands of beard oil in the market, just make sure you choose one that can be easily absorbed by the follicles.


As your beard continues to grow, it may suffer damage from heat styling, harsh shampoos and soaps. The problem with damaged beard strands is that they spread from the tip to the root, thereby slowing the growth of other strands. A damaged beard can be healed or repaired using conditioning agents which have proteins and lots of moisture for revitalization. If you notice a couple of ingrown hairs, pluck them out gently with a pair of tweezers so as to stop further irritation.


This is the enjoyable part! Daily brushing gives your beard a clean outlook and smooth texture. The practice will also train the strands to grow in one direction, reducing the risk of itching and more ingrown hairs. A small beard comb will suffice but if your beard has become particularly thick, try looking for a boar bristle brush.

Now you know how to stop beard itch and make your chin more comfortable. Remember not to cut your beard. In fact shaving is one of the causes of beard itch so it’s sort of a catch-22 situation. It cuts the coarse whiskers at an angle, leaving them with sharp edges which scrap and irritate your skin as they grow. Use the above solutions, and with a little patience, the itch will subside.

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