How to Dye Your Beard in Few Easy Steps

In today’s world, beard is really important to one man personality.  Before we have reviewed best beard trimmers today but today were going to talk about coloring your hair as a common fashion or personality statement, but for men that often means they can’t grow facial hair because their natural color is different than their dyed color. It’s also common for younger men to deal with graying facial hair before the hair on their head ever loses color. But how does one go about dying their beard? Below is a step by step instruction set on how to dye your beard so that the process is easy and enjoyable.

How to Dye Your Beard

What will I Need?

You’ll need to be in a bathroom and stand over a sink. Along with the colored dye you’ve chosen, you’ll need gloves, a mirror, a towel to cover the floor under you and anything on the counter you don’t want dyed. It’s also a good idea to wear clothes that you’d be okay with staining if an accident happens.

How do I get Started?

Step One: After buying the dye that is the color you want for your beard, read the directions on the back of the box. Each company that produces hair dye is a little different, so make sure you read the directions thoroughly. Next, clearly lay out each bottle for the coloring process out on the counter in the order you’ll use them so you don’t get anything mixed up. Part of the instructions will be to mix the coloring with an activating gel, and for this you’ll need to put on the gloves that come with the box. You’ll only have about two minutes to mix the coloring so make sure you are confident in your ability to mix it when you start.

Step Two: Using the tiny brush that should come with your kit, apply the coloring onto the hair. Be careful not to put it on your skin, although if this happens, don’t panic. It does come off by washing the skin with soap and water, but it is preferred that the dye not be on your skin. This also prevents there from being a lot of clean up afterwards. While applying the dye, make sure you cover every inch of the hair to ensure that it all comes out the same color. When brushing the roots, dye might get on the skin, but it’s extremely important to color the roots so when the hair grows out, it stays the same color as the dye for a longer period of time.

Step Three: Keep the dye on for anywhere between five and 15 minutes, and this time includes the time it takes to apply the dye. While this time period is a good estimate, you will want to make sure you check the box that held the dye to ensure you are timing this process correctly. After the time passes, throw out the gloves and left over trash, then wash the dye from your beard.

Dying your beard is an easy thing to do as long as you follow the directions that come on the box you buy. The worst thing that could go wrong is you leave the dye on too long and it’s too dark or not long enough and it’s too light. If it’s too light, re-apply the dye, and if it’s too dark, get a lighter color next time or try to speed up the process when you dye again.

Bryan’s video is for all men that are thinking of dying your beard.