Does Pheromone Cologne Really Work?

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What are pheromones?

Peter Karlson and Martin Luscher coined the term pheromone in 1959. Pheromones are natural chemicals that can act as sexual attractants. Pheromones are secreted by animals and humans and triggers some type of response from the same species. There are four types of pheromones that are prominent in humans. They are the releaser pheromone, the primer pheromone, the signal pheromone and the modulator pheromone. Releaser pheromones trigger an immediate behavior response. Primer pheromones trigger a physiological response. Signal pheromones provide information and give out our genetic odor print. Modulator pheromones either alter or synchronize bodily functions.

Do pheromones really work? Are humans capable of smelling this odorless chemical?

There are many studies that say we can smell it, and there are some studies that say there is not enough to support or deny this claim. If you do a Google search on whether or not these colognes actually work, you’ll find a list of cologne manufacturers trying to sell you promises of getting laid in 10 minutes like an AXE commercial which is entirely inaccurate.
Along with these guys, you’ll also find “scientists” that say its absolutely not possible for a smell to entice any sexual activity.  Who is correct? Someone has to be.

Pheromones are detected by a small organ in our nasal cavity. It has the ability to detect the sexual attraction released from the chemicals and it influences our sexual nature. The organ is called the Vomeronasal organ. Despite what naysayers think, The VNO has the ability to detect the scent released by pheromones. It does affect our behavior, but the real question is to what extent does it affect us?

The Scientific Studies

In the first documented study, 38 Pennslyvania men added a pheromone to their aftershave.  In their lives, they noticed they were more sexually active and engaged in more hugging and kissing.  The men that were given the placebo, showed no difference in their sex lives.  However, pheromones are natural relaxants, which mean scientists can’t conclude that they were responsible for the increased sexual activity or it was just a product of the men being in a more relaxed state.

20/20, ABC news show, have tested if pheromones work by having twins participate in speed dating. One twin has on a pheromone enhances scent ant the other does not. The twins have ten five minute dates. At the end of the night, the twin with the scene has 9 people interested in another date compared to five for the twin without the pheromones.

With all the arguments for and against the use of pheromones, there is no doubt that something happens when it gets sprayed on a person or someone catches wind of it.  The person putting it on becomes immediately confident, feels a warmth and in some cases becomes chatty.  The women that pick up the scent have the scent feel more of an attraction and excitement when smelling it. I would say based on everything I’ve read, YES pheromone cologne does work, however don’t expect to simply show up and get seduced.  You’ll still have to be social, fun and charming but pheromone cologne will do some of the work for you.

How can this research be used? Many scientist including Winifred Cutler has produced pheromone colognes. Pheromone cologne work by increasing males level of pheromones which makes them more attractive to women. Many men can use these to attract the opposite sex. There are two types of pheromones men can use. They can use a spray based pheromone or an oil based pheromones. The spray colognes are easy to apply, and they smell great. Oil based pheromones can leave stains.

Which pheromone should I get?

We have an entire post devoted to answering this question here.

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