Best Cologne To Attract Ladies

Stop them dead in their tracks gentlemen. Women go wild over a man with a certain type of scent. Choosing the right cologne makes a tremendous difference in the way women initially perceive a man and the level of sex appeal that registers in their minds. There is something about scent that brings out primal instincts in all humans, and women are no exception. Stir feminine longings by sending these silent signals directly to their brains by means of the sense of smell. We’ve provided you with the top 7 best cologne for attracting ladies with explanations of why they will work for you, and tips for their proper use.

Explanationbest cologne to attract ladies  of how scent induces sex appeal

It is a scientific fact that the vomeronasal organ located within the nasal passages is designed to detect the smallest amounts of pheromones. Pheromones are airborne chemicals which send extremely strong signals to the brain in the area where emotions are formed. This area is in charge of sexual desires and romantic feelings. When this is stimulated, the brain releases phenethylamine and in a domino effect, dopamine is produced and this is when attraction begins. This is the scientific explanation of how certain scents create strong sexual attraction and desire vial the nose and sense of smell.
Not all colognes must contain pheromones. Certain scents have the same effect upon women because they are pleasing to the nose and will stimulate the same type of responses. Humans give off pheromones quite naturally on their own. An attractive scent helps to heighten the stimulation and this is what you want to achieve.

Important tips to keep in mind when selecting cologne for attracting women

You may need to try a few different colognes before you find the best match for your personality and a good mix with your body odor. Each man has a different and unique body scent. Colognes mix with your own body chemistry and may produce a different scent on each man. Bearing this in mind, experiment with the best colognes until you’ve found the ideal scent that works for you.
So, the right scents are not only created to attract women, but also to match your personality and mix perfectly with your natural aroma. An equally important thing to remember is to use the right amount. If the scent is too strong or too weak it will not have the desired effect.

How to apply fragrance for the best results

The best places to apply fragrance to your body are the areas that produce the highest amounts of body heat. This includes behind your ears, your neck, armpits, wrists and lightly around the groin area and upper chest. When the fragrance is exposed to heat in increases the strength. Keep a selection on hand to rotate your fragrances to add versatility as the same scent can become boring. Before you begin your search, keep in mind that you may want to make your purchases from a local department store for new scents so you can use a tester to try them out before you spend the money. Here are the best colognes for use when your goal is attracting women.

Giorgio Armani Armani Code

This masculine and sexy scent is best used for evenings out. The scent is made from sensual Bergamot, mild lemon, Tonka bean, gusiac wood and olive flower. The blending of these scents together create a sophisticated and seductive ambiance that gets the attention of most women.

Vera Wang By Vera Wang

Another evening scent for men, Vera Wang For Men utilized the clean scent of sandalwood along with Nutmeg, Anis, Leather, Tobacco and Yuzu. The combination of these ingredients create an air of refinement as they send subtle messages to the brain that serves as a powerful attractant for romance.


This masculine scent is best suited for casual or daytime use. The combination of Vanilla for a clean fresh scent is enhanced with the relaxing scent of Lavender and the heavily sensual Patchouli with the powerful herbal desire enhancers of Pepper, Fennel and Cardamom for a sexually appealing scent that will get the attention of women in range.

Versace Man created by Versace

This masculine evening scent creates an ambiance of sophistication and elegance with a little something extra. Bergamot and assorted Florals, Tobacco leaves, Amber and the power packing Labanum, Neroli, Black Pepper, Cardamom and Saffron provide natures blend of sexually stimulating scents that stir emotional responses within women.

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani

A fragrance for men that is great for casual occasions. This cologne combines the clean and natural scents of Amber and Sandalwood with the powerful sexually stimulating Ylang-Ylang, Lavender and Juniper. Cumin is also included to give this cologne an extra kick that women find pleasing.

Men who want to attract women stand the best chance when they select the best colognes that match their body chemistry and are formulated with natural ingredients that stimulate a sexual response within women. The right combination of fragrances sends invisible signals to the brain that stirs the emotions and creates romantic feelings within both men and women. When used in the proper amounts, meaning not too strong and not too weak, cologne can have a tremendous impact upon male sex appeal to women.

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