Andis Professional 04603 Review – The Best Goatee Trimmer

Andis 04603 Professional Outliner ll Square Blade Beard Trimmer - Blade Zero Gapper, Carbon Steel Blade - Grey, Pack of 1
  • CLIPPER: This 0mm bald hair clipper is great for close cutting, fading, clean and crisp lines, face...
  • HIGH-SPEED: The high-speed motor gives an excellent sharp performance with minimal noise for you and...
  • GOOD QUALITY T-BLADE: Hair clippers have a self-sharpening quality stainless steel blade that is...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The hair trimmer for men weighs about 0.7 pounds, with a personalized engraved...

Pros: If you’re not looking to shave your goatee, it’s one of the best goatee beard trimmer works anywhere else, without chafing or damaging skin, and it is a close trim!

Cons: A small finger is made of plastic that slots into a groove on the goatee beard trimmer may skip out after continued use.

When you sport a goatee beard, you will be well aware of how you need a precision trimmer to get your look perfect; otherwise you risk ending up like you had an accident when you were shaving! When searching for the best goatee trimmer on the market, Andis Professional 04603 scores highly. Shaving your goatee beard takes time to make it look great and symmetrical, but with the Andis 04603 you can outline and sculpt quickly and easily.

Andis Professional 04603 Review

At an affordable price of under $50, this goatee trimmer is perfect for outlining your beard, fading, contouring and much more. The Andis 04603 is a great choice when you are searching for the best trimmer for goatee, its attachments allowing you to trim your neck, mustache, around your ears as well as sculpting the perfect goatee.

Product description

The Andis 04603 goatee trimmer is equipped with an excellent close-cutting blade. The teeth of the blade make it perfect for fading in and out making it one of the best beard trimmers on the market. With 8 feet of cord to work with, the Andis 04603 is comfortable to use, yet high speed and powerful.

The goatee trimmer has carbon steel blades that offer an excellent and comfortable long-life cutting edge. The Outliner blade is perfect for perfecting your goatee, and the close-cutting blade is great for trimming hair around the ears, neck, and mustache. Andis professional 04603 Outliner II offers you all you need for your trimming needs in just one machine, with professional quality at a price you can really afford. With a range of snap on blades as extra, this best goatee trimmer can even be used for cutting your child’s or your own hair.

Pros of Andis Professional 04603!

Lightweight: design is comfortable to use feet of cord allows you to move around freely with the trimmer.
Outliner blade allows for perfect sculpting and fading of your goatee beard. Close cutting blade great for trimming facial and neck hair.
Hair clipping attachment set available to buy, allowing you to use the Andis 04603 for all-over body grooming too
Professional: quality at an affordable price.

Cons of the Andis Professional 04603

A small finger is made of plastic that slots into a groove on the goatee beard trimmer may skip out after continued use. Blade may become misalignment after continued use, making the machine uncomfortable on the shortest setting and causing irritation. Powerful motor, but not great on short stubble.

What the testimonials say

When searching for the best goatee trimmer on the market, you should not be put off by occasional bad testimonials. Although some users remarked that after continual use the Andis 04603 blade became misalignment or the unit stopped working due to the skipping of a plastic finger, the general consensus of opinion is that the Andis 04603 Outliner II personal trimmer is a great all-round product that is versatile and good value for money. Although the trimmer attachments are sold separately, the Andis 04603 is inexpensive at under $50 and can be used for, body grooming, hair trimming, or as one of the best trimmers for goatee, beards on the market.