Top 10 Best Cologne For Men in 2020

Browsing our website you’ll find many different top lists from the Top 100 Best Colognes of All-Time, to the Best Colognes for Young Men. The Best Cologne for Men 2018 edition takes the top selling colognes from various websites like Amazon, FragranceX, Sephoria, and puts them into one list for you to see which one beats the rest. If you’re looking for a cologne that is currently popular, trending, or an all-around great scent, this is the spot for you.

When choosing a cologne, check the HQ score. This is a rating based among thousands of reviewers from various blogs, online stores, and fragrance professionals. The higher the number the better the cologne.

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10. Nautica Blue by Nautica (2005) – Score 90 HQ – Check Price !

Nautica Blue is pretty consistently the top selling cologne on Amazon month after month and is featured in the “Cheap Colognes that Smell Amazing” article. Its combination of how inexpensive it is, mixed with its outstanding reviews across many sites make this one of the most popular colognes of 2016. Here are some of the great things people have said about Nautica Blue.

“This cologne is one of my favorites!! Nautica did it once again. This is my third bottle of Nautica Colognes and I have yet to dislike any of their products!! I would recommend this cologne to anyone!! :)” – Brandy

“For the price it cannot be beat. Ive dished out a hundred bucks a few times for different colognes and I have never gotten as many compliments as I have with Nautica Blue. The stuff is great and women are absolutely mesmerized by it. You literally have nothing to lose by giving it a try. The scent is divine. Only knock I would have is that the scent wears off fairly quick in my opinion. It is so cheap though you can easily reapply if you need to.” – Bigjohn2012

“Every lady I walk by young or older. loves how it smells. I get a lot of compliments when I wear.” – George

9. Curve by Liz Claiborne (1996) – Score 85 HQ – Check Price !

Curve is another cologne that continues to rock in 2016 and is quickly turning into a cologne young men are switching to in 2016. Every month you can consistently see Curve by Liz Claiborne as one of the top colognes on Amazon so you know it has a fan club. Here is what people have been saying about Curve by Liz Claiborne.

“It is green and clean a receives a ton of compliments. I have been wearing this scent for years and is a truly a great scent for spring and summer.” – ersj2564

“For the price you have to pay for this stuff (almost nothing) it is worth having imo!” – slayerized

“My husband loves this cologne. Everytime he wears it I gravitate towards him. It is great. As soon as he sprays it, I know.” – Kyra

8. Obsession by Calvin Klein (1986) – Score 87 HQ – Check Price !

Chrome Azzaro is an aquatic cologne that exhibits classiness and simplicity. It leads off the top colognes for men in 2016 because it is always one of the top selling colognes and has an above average rating with a score of 84 HQ. Check out what others have said about this fragrance below.

“The best men’s fragrance and i am on the 3rd purchase. I like the chrome for its subtle, but long lasting fragrance. Its crisp tangy flavor almost certain to get you attention, not the sensual kind, but more of some complementing you. I have had many people complement me on the fragrance.” – enoch

“I love it when my husband wears this.. its not over powering, but still substantial, very manly but not musty which makes me sneeze, great soft aroma that just about any man would enjoy.” – cynthia

“Fresh and clean to the nth degree, with a unique metallic twist. Really good in the summer and for travel.” – mfan310

6. Armani Code By Giorgio Armani – Check Price!

Weird seeing 1 Million by Paco Rabanne on another top list on Best Men’s Cologne HQ. 1 Million makes several lists that you’ll find across Best Men’s Cologne HQ. It is always a top seller along with making the list for one of the best winter colognes you could purchase. Here are some of the things men have said about the cologne 1 million.

“This Spray stays on you the whole day and I can’t count how many comments I’ve received using this product. Recommend for men, it’ll surely get the attention of the ladies.” – Tunde

“I think this is the best smelling fragrance i have every smelled… when i have this on and walk into a room it will make people forget what they was saying and ask omg what are you wear smells great.” – shane2202

“1 million is very sweet but masculine smelling at the same time, it has very good projection someone from 6 feet away and more will be able to smell me, longevity is excellent, I get up to 10+ hours” – fragrancenote15

4. Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani (1996) – Check Price!

Montblanc Legend has consistently been a top 10 selling cologne for awhile now. It currently is outselling big names like Acqua Di Gio, Guilty by Gucci, Polo and other major big name colognes this year on online major retailer websites. It’s a long lasting, great smelling scent that is dominating in 2016.

Here are what some people have said about Mont Blanc;

“This fragrance is amazing! Very fresh and clean like Egoiste Platinum. Masterpiece :) Longevity is good (7-8h), but sillage is wonderful. must buy.”

“Searched for the best price for this cologne for my husband’s birthday and found it right here on Amazon. This is a nice, sexy smell that lingers. I was impressed how quickly it arrived in the mail as well. (within days)”

“This cologne is great for anytime of the day. It smells very much like the Abercrombie & Fich’s Fierce. You know, the one that smells so good in the malls. My wife is just crazy about it. So am I! LOL

The price is decent and I telling you, you WILL not regret it. Try it. You will like it”

1. Dolce & Gabbana By Dolce & Gabbana – Check Price Here!

Dolce & Gabbana jump up to the number 1 spot for 2016 with some extremely impressive sales numbers for first half of 2016. After not even making the list at the beginning of the year, this cologne has fought back and is now the number 1 cologne to purchase for 2016.

Here are some of the things people have said about it;

“This is good stuff. I’ve been wearing it for years now. I get compliments on it all the time. It has a very classy but not overwhelming scent that gets noticed in a positive way. I’ve been around people wearing cologne that is too strong and it can be annoying. I don’t have to worry about being one of those people with this stuff. Worth the price.”

“Before I start this review, let me point out a few things about myself. I am 16 and only own six different types of cologne (though I have tested about 20 and all of which are of some major brand). That said, I must say that this scent is one of my favorite. I was looking for a strong summer scent and had figured that if anything would deliver it would be Dolce and Gabbana. So, I tested last week in a Marshall Fields department store near me. Then after trying Emporio White from Armani and Metal Jeans from Versace (both of which were very light scents that could hardly be detected), I went back and purchased a full bottle of Dolce and Gabbana pour homme. The scent is actually quite strong and long lasting (I can still smell it on my shirt right now and it is 11pm and I had put this on at 10 this morning). It very citrus but is not so overpowering that it smells cheap or chemical. The scent also has a sophisticated quality to it.

While this may be best suited in small amounts for business purposes or evenings out for more mature people, I find that using multiple sprays of D&G can really make a scent to grab people’s attention.

So to some up, this is a fresh, sophisticated citrus scent.”

“This cologne has become an icon among male colognes. I guess it will never be out of fashion to wear this cologne every once in a while. The smell even gets better as it mixes with your body perspiration. Trust me, ladies will ask you!”

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