Best Men’s Cologne For Spring 2020

It’s SPRING time finally! Although it doesn’t seem like it here in Minnesota with the lakes still frozen and 6 inches of snow still on the ground. Regardless, it’s starting to warm up and with the official day of spring already gone by, it’s time to start thinking about those spring time colognes.  When choosing a spring cologne, you first want to start with a cologne that has a slice of winter in it but yet yields the smell of opening your front door to freshness. Here are some of the best colognes around for spring 2016.

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Formsly’s Cologne HQ Score

This is a score based on thousands of reviews and awards from blogs and online retailers to help you see quickly how great or horrible a cologne is quickly. The highest score of all time is a 102 and the lowest is a 0.  Check out our top 100 list if you want to see more..

5. Cool Water By Davidoff (1988) – Score 74 HQ

A cologne from 1988 still rocks the list as a top spring cologne for 2016. Cool Water by Davidoff is a classic cologne and is still one of the most popular fragrances worn today which may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on if you want to smell like the guy next to you.

Here’s what people are saying Cool Water

“It will leave a good “mossy” feel at the end of the day” – laurent

“Refreshing, sexy, casual, classic” – kris99

“Forget you biases, forget what you’ve read (especially here), and smell it for yourself.” – Gimpy

4. Legend by Mont Blanc (2011) – Score 78 HQ

Legend by Mont Blanc is one of the best selling fragrances every month since it’s release, including a number 8 finish as a top seller in February. Mont Blanc has an above average score of 78 HQ which is pretty good but I would assume it’s not the highest because of it’s masculine scent.

What people are saying about Mont Blanc

“This fragrance is amazing! Very fresh and clean like Egoiste Platinum. Masterpiece :) Longevity is good (7-8h), but sillage is wonderful. must buy.” – R. Payne

“If youre looking for a grown man smell I would certainly say that this is it. I highly recommend this.” – J. Burnette

“Imagine a more temperate Fierce with the woodsy/fresh notes shuffled around a bit, and you basically have Mont Blanc Legend. Worth a shot!” – fan.of.devin

3. Boss Bottled No. 6 by Hugo Boss (1998) – Score 89 HQ

Boss Bottled No. 6 is one of Hugo Boss’s finest colognes. Boss Bottled is a safe, pleasant scent that is a huge hit with the ladies. If you’re looking for a cologne that women adore this spring, this could be it!

What people have said about Boss Bottled No. 6

“Boss#6 is a big hit with the ladies, Really!” – Andre

“Very inoffensive, pleasant smell. It smells sweet,.. I would not label it as a masculine scent. It seems more unisex to me.” – emberfly

“1 of my girlfriends favorite scents ! This is not 1 of her absolute favorites but she always compliments me when im wearing this and though I wear a lot of different colognes she can always pick this 1 out in a crowd” – Ryanmmas26

2. Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger (1998) – Score 80 HQ

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger (1998) is classified as a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance which makes it a premier spring time scent.

What are people saying about Tommy?

“The best thing ever invented after sliced bread! Can’t go out in the morning before applying it.” – Unknown

“Instantly recognizable and one of the few “Fresh” frags I can say I like. Opens with a synthetic blast of Lavender, Grapefruit, Bergamot and a cacophony of other notes. I can get the “Rain” notes and I think they are done well.” – Synthetic

“It’s suitable for 16+ -24yo IMHO. I used to wear this when I was in college. Nice fragrance, fresh.” – sito

1. Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford (2009) – Score 91 HQ

Tom Ford makes the best cologne for spring 2016 list with his infamous Grey Vetiver fragrance. Grey Vetiver is an outstanding combination of pleasantness, subtle cigar smoke, and mild citrus scent. Tom Ford makes only the most sophisticated of fragrances and the only downfall has to be the expense. Check out what real people have said about Grey Vetiver.

Here is what people are saying about Tom Ford’s Vetiver

“As someone who is constantly looking for that next great signature fragrance, I definitely found what I was looking for.L’eau d’issey” – JPSTEVEN

“Sophisticated woodsy scent that belies a perfect blend of masculinity and freshness. Great sillage and nice longevity for spring.” – JamesinBklyn

“Grey Vetiver – The anti-vetiver. I am not a vetiver fan, but Grey Vetiver has the component parts (Vetiver, florals, citrus, spices) to create a sophisticated, versatile, fragrance that I can easily wear without trepidation.” – Oproust

“A little expensive but worth a try” – take on this cologne

Ok well this sums it up for the best Spring colognes. If you are curious to see what you missed for the best colognes for of 2016 check it out!

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